Bulldog dental

Dental Care

Dental disease is one of the most common problems that we deal with. Almost every cat and dog will have some amount of dental disease that needs attention. Most pets would benefit from more frequent dental cleanings.

We offer dental prophylaxis, treatment of oral disease, extractions and dental radiography. If your pet requires more specialized treatment such as a root canal, we will refer you to a dental specialist.

All our dental procedures are done under general anesthesia. We utilize the best practices for safe anesthesia including appropriate drug selection for each case, proper pain management, IV catheter and fluids, gas anesthesia, warming devices, and pulse oximeter monitoring. A certified veterinary technician is present at all times to monitor all vital signs and help maintain a safe anesthetic procedure. We encourage pre-anesthetic diagnostic testing to reduce the level of risk associated with anesthesia. We are eager to answer your questions and help you make the right decisions regarding your pet’s anesthesia needs.

Your pet’s dental care doesn’t rest with your veterinarian alone. As a pet owner, you play a pivotal role in helping ensure your pet’s dental health through regular teeth brushing. Our staff will provide you with home dental care instructions to help your pet preserve a healthy smile!

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