Important Notice Regarding Appointment Protocol Changes:

Dear friends and clients of Oakwood Pet Clinic,

As we have been gathering information regarding how to best continue helping our patients while also keeping our staff safe, Oakwood Pet Clinic is instituing some “lockdown” policies. Please know that this is such a difficult time but we want our staff and clients as safe as possible, and we are trying to preserve medical supplies as best we can.

Starting March 18, we are going to institute a curb-side policy for seeing patients and picking up prescriptions and food. Clients will not be allowed to come into the building.

Although we will continue to perform nonelective surgeries and see ill patients, as of March 18 we will no longer be scheduling routine appointments. If you have one scheduled, please call the office and we can discuss whether to continue with the appointment or reschedule at a later date.

Please review the policy below which will be in effect until at least March 30. We will have regular appointment scheduling beginning April 27 unless a change in that date is needed. We will do our best to keep everyone informed of changes by email, text, on our website and on our Facebook page.


Procedure for bringing in a pet:

When you arrive, call us at 763-473-7030. We will review with you your reason for visit and take a history and get your phone number. If you have any respiratory symptoms, fever or have traveled in the last 14 days we ask that you have a friend or relative bring your pet to the hospital.

A team member will come out to your car to collect the patient. All cats must be in a carrier or restraining device (harness, etc) and all dogs must be on a secure leash. If your leash or collar is primarily a smooth surface, we may ask that we use our own leash to bring your pet into the clinic.

For fearful dogs that require a muzzle and their owners for helping with patient positioning and comfort, we may ask that you place a muzzle prior to your dog coming into the clinic.

We will call you with a treatment plan after we have evaluated your pet. Please be ready with a phone number and have your phone on for our call.

After the visit, we will collect payment over the phone.

A team member will bring your pet back out to you with any needed medications.


Pick up of prescriptions and food

For food or prescription pickup, please call from your car, pay over the phone, then wait as a team member brings your order out to you. You may also pay over the phone when you place your order and we can just bring it out to you.

For non-urgent prescriptions, please consider using our online Pharmacy, Vetsource. You can use the link on our website or call and a team member will walk you through it.

Please monitor your pets’ prescription(s) and give us plenty of notice for refills. In this uncertain time, supply chains and manufacturing back orders are a very real possibility. We will work hard to keep medications in stock and available.


Telemedicine option

Some patients who need less critical care can be triaged and medicated through telemedicine. While this is not always ideal, it can help keep safety of our clients and staff higher while still helping our patients. We are working today to set up a telemedicine site. You will need access to a camera (like on your phone) and a microphone. You will need to have the pet nearby when making the call. More details will be available over the next 24 hours.


Routine/Wellness Visits

Oakwood is suspending all routine visits as of March 18. Nonelective surgeries and dental procedures are included in this suspension. Not only do we want to keep our staff and clientele safe, we are also preserving potentially needed supplies for medical use in the human sector.


We would like to thank you sincerely for your patience in all of this. We may also be experiencing staff shortages as this disease goes through our community so wait times might be extended, as might the need to suspend regular business.

We want to be as available as possible, so please call or email with any questions you might have.


The doctors and staff at Oakwood Pet Clinic